Workshop (8th) European Meeting on Chemical Industry and Environment


The chemical industry is an essential part of the global economy. Chemicals produced by chemical industry are ubiquitous in daily life and range from food additives to plastics. The environmental friendliness of chemicals production is a very important issue for the sector as a whole. The European Meeting on Chemical Industry and Environment (EMChIE) is a conference series that brings together academy, industry and government to discuss the latest developments and innovative ideas in this field.

The first EMChIE conference was organized by its founder Prof. Casal in Girona Spain, 1993, followed by editions in Alghero (Italy), Kracow (Poland), Las Palmas (Spain), Vienna (Austria), Mechelen (Belgium) and Tarragona (Spain).



Call for Paper Topics

Environmental technologies

(Waste)water treatment
Water quality assessment
Air pollution abatement
Waste minimization and disposal

  Energy technologies

Waste to energy or chemicals
Particle technology in energy processes
Novel Renewable Energy Processes

  Process technologies

Risk analysis and loss prevention (environmental damage due to bad design)
Process intensification and “green” chemical engineering
Methods of testing, validation and monitoring
Simulations in environmental engineering



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